Boundary Map

The proposed boundary for the Water Level Management Board has been agreed through discussions with the land owner beneficiaries, local community representatives and local authority elected members.  The boundary is based on the low lying areas within the Lyth Valley within Flood Zone 2 (the 1 in 100 year undefended flood outline) and the area of land that directly or indirectly benefits from land drainage operations and the pumping stations. In the Witherslack area, there is no “high level” drainage system and the water drains through the “low level” system to Ulpha pumping station.  The Witherslack area has therefore been included because it is the only surrounding land that benefits directly from one of the land drainage pumping stations in the Lyth Valley.

Please click on Figure D2 below for a map showing the proposed Drainage District  Boundary.  Figure D3 also shows the individual numbered watercourses and which might be maintained by a future Board if agreed.

Figure D2 – Lyth and Witherslack proposed WLMB

Figure D3 – Lyth Valley IDB main programme

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